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Posted by Junou - 2 weeks ago

Tried to make only minor changes since I did kind of like the original designiu_262146_8156752.jpg

I mentioned in an "about me" page that he was an english lop, but with the ears being so long it almost doesn't register as "rabbit" to me sometimes, which was the main reason for the "haircut". As for the color I just wanted something more vibrant that I could do better color theory with the shirt. So doing some research into rabbit breeds and comparing colors + ears + hair length/style this design more closely resembles a lionhead, so thats what he'll be. For those that have followed for a long time, you've probably seen at least like 3 or 4 character redesigns because I can't stay happy with just one good one and leave it. Maybe either on my twitter 1 year or my birthday I'll do a mural with all the designs or something probably. Hoping this is the last change but we all know thats not true.


Posted by Junou - February 23rd, 2021

Been thinking about changing my username lately. I've always used Starmonkie as it was something my dad made up for me when I was really young, so it just stuck as my username. Although, recently I was thinking about the fact that I have never really thought up my own username. Not at all sure of what I would even replace the current one with, let alone the fact that I can't change my name here on newgrounds unless I pay at least 3 dollars, or I could attempt to migrate to a new account but I'm already too established to just abandon this account. Not sure where I'll go from here, perhaps I may never change my name at all.



Posted by Junou - November 1st, 2020


First major update! So I got a bit of an art haul that came in the mail this week: 24 set Mijello Mission Gold watercolors, a lamy Safari fountain pen, and SAILOR Soubuko waterproof ink.

The first thing I want to talk about is Mijello Mission Gold watercolors. These are really good because they have purer pigments which means more vibrant color mixtures and they will last much longer without needing to be bought again.

Next is the Lamy Safari pen, which I got with a fine nib. These pens are really good for being good starter fountain pens and also taking to waterproof inks very well. Most other fountain pens would be ruined with waterproof inks if left alone for too long because the ink will dry out on the nib and clog it, but to be safe I also got a waterproof, fountain pen-friendly ink.

That ink is the SAILOR soubuko ink, which is a dark blue color rather than your standard black ink. I like this a lot because it decreases the contrast between the paints and the lineart more. One thing I want to note is if there isn't enough ink in a certain spot it can dry really transparent, and I'm not sure if that is a fault of my handwriting, the paper, or the pen's ink flow. I haven't had much time to experiment with it yet, so I will know eventually and try to fix it if I can.

I got these art supplies because they are recommended by one of my favorite artists, Mateusz Urbanowicz. Here is a link to his YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8BjDleMFNvnikjAI6GdBPg. I highly suggest checking him out, he does amazing watercolor painting and has experience working in the animation industry.

One final thing to add is about my character. I introduced him in my "Meet the Artist" page as Waffel, but to be honest I am very indecisive with naming things, and Waffel happened to be like the 4th name I had picked for the character. I am still deciding between leaving it as Waffel, making it Babbit, Babs, or something else entirely. On top of the name change is a design change. Originally, the character was simply a rabbit shaped humanoid, but as my friends started asking questions about his backstory, anatomy (note the floating ears), and personality, I wanted it to be more than just a common anthropomorphous character. To tie it with my username, I made it a rabbit-monkey hybrid; I suggest not thinking too hard about how that even works biologically.

So what I changed essentially was making the ears and the head a little more fluffier, I suppose to reinforce that it is, at least partially, a rabbit. Something born of my friends' curiosity was the strangely detailed hands, and before then it was simply just how I drew hands, but thinking about it they really do kind of look like primate hands, so that's now the new lore of this character. The final thing I added was a monkey tail, with a small puff of fur at the end kind of like how a rabbits tail is.

Finally, a statement on future art from me. I want to start doing more original art, less fanart. This does not mean from time to time I will not draw sonic, spiderman, zelda, etc, but those kinds of things really tend to influence my art style and I can go from consistent Miyazaki-like watercolor sketches at the beginning of the year, get bored of it and start digital art, do a lot of pixel art, lineless art, and just playing with different art styles, all drastically different from where I started and when I got back into traditional watercolor art a few weeks ago it was almost like starting over again. I don't want to do that again.

I look forward to the future of my time here on NG, and welcome constructive criticism to improve my art as best I can.